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As a trustee of the Nargis Dutt Memorial Charitable Trust, I have worked extensively with various charitable hospitals in India towards equipping them with medical diagnostic facilities, holding medical camps for the poor, aiding in transfer of technology, palliative care, and educating people on the importance of early cancer detection and various other initiatives in Education and Social Awareness. Besides the activities of the trust, I would like you to have a glimpse into my world as a social activist.



Morcha to address Civic Issues (2013)

I had been addressing the issues of the H-East ward time and again, but had received no action from the concerned officials. 19th December 2013 Morcha was only to voice the rage of the public against the callous attitude of the concerned officials in the H-East Ward. Over 3500 people came out and supported this cause.

To support the cause of woman in India to lead a decent life, I led a candlelight march in Mumbai. Thousands of woman and citizens came forward and supported the cause.

Bihar Flood Relief Program (2008)

Monitored the Bihar Flood Relief work in the village of Purnea. Rs 1 crore was raised through the musical concert titled ‘ Rock On- for Humanity’. These funds were utilized for a three month medical camp that treated more than thirty thousand patients.

Gandhigiri March (2006)

Went on a Peace march to bring about awareness and spread the message of Peace and Ahimsa.

Mumbai Train Blast (2006)

Led a team that helped in easy admission of the injured into hospitals, arranged for medical supplies, organized a helpline to assist relatives and helped in quick release of funds to the deceased and injured.

Hands across the Border Peace Expedition (1999)

Went on a peace mission with my father to the SAARC countries in an expedition called ‘Hands Across the Borders’. The peace expedition included journey through Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and various parts of India.

Nuclear Disarmament (1988)

My father was a stalwart of the doctrine of Peace and strongly pursued the philosophies of the great Mahatma Gandhi. He taught us the values of brotherhood,understanding and non-violence. In 1988, my father along with like-minded people and myself went to Japan to spread the message of Gandhiji. On 6th March 1988, we marched from Nagasaki to Hiroshima, Japan for World Peace and Nuclear Disarmament. Many may question the results of our efforts, and to them I say “I tried, did you?”

Punjab Peace March (1987)

It was a time when the country was under a cloud of violence and communal discord; when words like terrorism and racism were becoming a major share of everyday discussion. Punjab was going through a terrible turmoil. A gesture of peace, brotherhood and a healing touch was most needed. Putting our life in danger, I accompanied my father on a 78 days peace march from Mumbai to Amritsar, covering a distance of over 2700 kms with a message ‘Give Peace a Chance’. This walkathon gave me unforgettable insights into the real India, which touched my heart deeply.

Anti-drug Campaign

Have held campaigns in Mumbai especially slum areas where I have focused on issues like early detection, treatment, counseling and gearing up families as a support system for addicts. It is my dream to have drug addicts rehabilitated back into mainstream society through setting up several drug rehabilation centres across the city.

AIDS Awareness

Have organized campaigns with a keen focus in Red Light areas. Along with Dr. Gilada, Hon. Secretary, Peoples Health Organisation (India), we have promoted the importance of safe sex amongst sex workers  on the need to keep themselves and their kids safe from HIV, so their children can lead a healthy life. I have even fought for the rights of sex workers in our society like legitimising the trade and rehabilitation.