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"The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. But above all, the world needs dreamers who do."

The NargisDutt Memorial Charitable Trust (NDMCT) was established on 11th October 1982 in Mumbai by my father after my mother passed away of cancer. Our trust is a non-profit organization and we work persistently in the areas of healthcare, education and social awareness.

How we came about?

My mother had always been involved in charitable activities, which she believed was the crux of her existence. As a Rajya Sabha member she fought for the rights of the disabled in the Parliament. Unfortunately, her plans were cut short when she was diagnosed with cancer. While undergoing treatment in New York under the care of Dr. Edward Beattie, she was troubled by the thought that the medical care that she was able to receive was unavailable to the poor in India. Her anguish and feelings became a part of my father’s mission in life. After her untimely death in 1981, my father took up the cause what my mother had left off. Together with Dr. Beattie, he set up the Nargis Dutt Memorial Foundation in New York and his tireless efforts have made the Foundation a global entity.

What We Do?

NDMCT’s primary objective is dedicated to the cause of humanity; the goal being to bring relief (in whatever possible way) to those who are in harm’s way. We work extensively with various charitable hospitals in India towards equipping them with medical diagnostic facilities, holding medical camps for the poor, aiding in transfer of technology, palliative care, and educating people on the importance of early cancer detection and various other initiatives in Health, Education and Social Awareness.

All our funds are raised through drives like annual dinners, fashion shows, philanthropists and auctions (e.g. a special bat was signed by the Indian cricket team to raise funds, an evening with Deepak Chopra, renowned spiritual guru and author). NDMCT donates 100% of the funds raised for the project intended. This means even our administrative costs are not funded by the donations. Click on the related icons below to know more about our activities.



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