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Bandra, Mumbai

Smt. Priya Dutt, is actively involved with stress management groups for the youth. She had organized programmes for students immediately after the spate of suicides taking heavy toll on students in Mumbai.  She helped organize the program “Lean on Me” to educate and bring about awareness among students and parents.  She was  invited as Chief Guest by Dr..P.V. Vaidyanathan, a Pediatrician to launch his book “Make your Child Stress Free”  in Marathi version on 20th February, 2010 at Crosswords, Bandra. The book is an handbook & guide for parents having children of ages from early childhood to teenage, giving the causes and remedies for stress.

Chief Guest, Priya Dutt spoke about her own motherhood, upbringing a two year and four year old children. She felt the importance of balancing work and her family and inspite of being born to celebrity parents (Sunil Dutt and Nargis), she led a simple childhood with nurtured care of her parents. Her father, Sunil Dutt was quite strict, but her mother used to cushion the children from their father's strictness. Priya Dutt lamented how today's life and society has become materialistic, with people only worrying about how to buy a better mobile, a bigger car or a bigger house. This places a burden on the parents which in turn is passed on to the children. She asked parents to prioritise their lives so that they can lead a more balanced life.